Inquiry Practice


In this page you can explore something of great importance to you in some of the areas in your life, for example love, relationships, safety, intimicy, self-empowerment, freedom, fears and pain etc.

Inquiry-practise is a powerful way to turn your eyes inwards yourself for greater clarity and understanding about a specific topic in your life. Of your own personal experience in the inquiry process you can heal, and free, yourself from various established conditioned beliefs and patterns that stops you living your life fully with greater sense of ease, joy and a sense of great freedom within.

To be more of that version of You who feels so free and so alive, and feels so truthfully ’right’

So, how do we do this practise?

Pick a question that interests you to explore at this moment, find a space where you can sit comfortably in silence and undisturbed, sit in silence in meditation with eyes closed for some minutes before starting to get grounded, put an alarm on between 6-12min per question (recommentation 8min) and start the alarm. Press the Play button and listen to the question, FEEL what answer comes up within you, the very first thing that comes up, and say that silently or loudly to yourself, feel the effect of the answer for a moment…and press Play button again and listen to the question, FEEL what answer comes up and say the answer silently or loudly to yourself, feel the answer for a moment, and repeat…till the alarm goes. Press the Play button one last time, and feel/notice the answers silently for about 40 seconds. Open your eyes and feel how you are right this moment. Notice the effect of this inquiry for you, what do you take with you from this inquiry this time?

What is happening in you right now

What are you longing for right now

What is your heart desire

What is love

When do you feel loved

What is freedom

What gives you a sense of freedom

What is fear

What are you afraid of

What is a good purpose not having intimate relationships

What is pleasure

What gives you pleasure

What do you desire

What can you do to have more pleasure in your life

Wo are you without your identity

What is sex

What needs are getting met in sex

What do you love about yourself

Who are You

What is self value