Relation terapi

“Do You long for a relationship that fills you with joy, meaning and pleasure?”

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is for the ones who wants to dive deeper in their intimate relationship, create authentic connections and find new enjoyable, enriching and nurturing ways to relate.

For some it might be that the relationship lost its flame and passion or that it is hard to find the motivation to meet on a deeper level even though the longing is there. For others it is around learning to communicate more openly and authentically, listen with empathy, and meet each other’s differences with genuine curiosity instead of conflict. The focus in the sessions can also be on cultivating a more sustainable dynamic in the relating, open up for more pleasure, or deepen the loving connection. 

Relationship Coaching is for everybody who values authentic relating, intimate loving connection, and wants to be in a partnership that feels alive, passionate and deeply nourishing.

Relationship-Coaching supports you with:

  • Increasing the passion, lust and pleasure
  • Loving and authentic communication which contribute to harmony and connection
  • Finding tools to handle conflict and meet in challenging conversations
  • Creating a sustainable and nurturing relationships that feels safe
  • Changing destructing patterns and habits that does not support the relating

  • Working through what stops you from relating from love  
  • Increasing intimacy and true individual freedom 
  • Moving from codependency and compromise to true connection 
  • Cultivating more presence which creates more intimacy
  • Growing in your relationship and learning from each other 

  • How to have meaningful, exciting and loving relationship that feels ‘right’!
  • Deeper understanding and clarity for each others’ important needs and longings.
  • How to create a supportive, collaborative and interesting relationship environment
  • Increased passion, pleasure and lust in intimacy!
  • Getting clarity in why, and how you can have more joyful relating to each other
  • To understand what is stopping you to have fun, passion, lust, and sense of vibrant aliveness in your relationship
  • Better empathic and loving communication!
  • Clarify, and solve upcoming issues in the relationship

What I as your Coach offer you


An intimate relating activates, for most people, many different patterns and defence mechanisms. In a partnership fears and suppressed non-digested emotions often show up and get in the way of relaxation and enjoyment in the relating. Together we explore what is preventing you from being intimate on a deeper level and being loving instead of reactive, disconnected and critical. 

I support you through connecting with what you long for in an intimate relationship and to dare to ask for it in such a way that it does not turn into demands or entitlements. You get tools in the art of communication that contributes to more understanding and deeper connection so the conflict does not grow. We explore which needs are important for you individually and together as a couple and how you can get those needs met.

Through enhanced connection to your bodies and physical experiences you can cultivate a deeper, more joyful and authentic way to relate – which opens for more vitality, pleasure and attraction in your relationship. 

Together we clarify what is your specific challenge in having a sustainable, deeply nurturing and meaningful relationship. I help you transform your challenging emotions and automatic reactions that harm the connection and creates distance and separation. We also bring light to what works in your relationship and strengthen the resources and strengths you already have as a couple.

“Awesome relationships don’t just happen. They need presence, patience, engagement,
and two people who truly want to be together
Andreas Eder