Here you can find a various practises and sharings of knowledge that hopely can contribute for
greater wellbeing for you

Guided meditation Relaxing into being

Full guided meditation, Relaxing into being Resting into the present moment.
24 min

Guided meditation in buddhist 5 perspectives to be in the present moment

A guidad meditation to explore the present moment how it is right this moment through buddhist 5 perspectives of the present moment, bodyemotions, feelings, thoughts, the external experience and the Awareness of all. This meditation supports for greater awareness of the aliveness within the Life, for us to expand our receptivity of the present moment, of all that Is, here and now. For greater sense of aliveness within us. Recommended to do whenever you feel like connecting to the present moment.

Guided inquiry for Gratitude and Introspection

Guided inquiry for you who wish to take a moment in the evening, recommended before bedtime, for gratitude and introspection for the current day that almost has passed.


Guided inquiry for the present moment

A short guided inquiry to explore this present moment


Short guided meditation to explore this present moment

This is a short guided meditation to tap into the present experience you are having right now. For greater understanding what you need and long for, what is of greatest importance for you to feel more fulfilled now. To re-connect back to yourself again, back to your body and that all what you are right this moment.