9 Sept 2019 The Miracle of Presence 4 week Online course

The Miracle of Presence

Online Course





✅ Would you like to feel more pleasure, meaning and fulfilling satisfaction in your daily life?


✅Would you like to have greater capability to meet and transform your fears, emotional pain and other discomfort in your life?


✅ Would you like to feel more relaxed, alive and free in your precious life?


✅ Would you like to feel less stressed and disappointed, and feel more gratitude, strength and true joy within yourself, in your relationships and at your work?



This 28 days online course is for those who are curious… very curious, about HOW you can have a deeper sense of aliveness in your daily life.
For those who are curious about how you could feel more alive by establishing deeper, and more sustainable connection with the quality of being present.

How you can start to create a Life that FEELS more exciting, more alive and of deeper meaning! A life that feels more ‘easy’.



Presence is what we are in a deeper sense!
All the joy, pleasure, the allowance and gratitude for all happenings in our lives, the sense of deep inner freedom, the deep loving connection we feel with others once in a while, feeling strong self-love and compassion towards ourselves and others etc and etc… are AVAILABLE for you ALL THE TIME within you! And this when we are being present, in other words: when we are resting more into our relaxed way of being. Everything you are seeking from the circumstances outside of you.. like appreciation, love, well-being, belonging, freedom, success, peace, satisfaction… is found from a place within you where only your own curious presence can take you to.
To a place where you can experience a deep inner fulfillment within yourself. and this A lot of your time if you just take your time to access there!

EVERYTHING happens in Presence, as I see it!
And all that joy, love, ecstasy, compassion, peace, the sense of freedom, the ease… you have experienced in your life is experienced when you are present. Even when thinking of the past, or of the future is happening in the present moment, here and now.
When you are present, when you are deeply in touch with yourself so to say, you are OUT of the entanglement of thoughts, worries, pain and fears for example, that keeps you off living your life in your true magical aliveness. When you feel happy and free in other words.

But HOW much are you present in your life?
And HOW CURIOUS are you about others, and about what happens in your life… really?

How present are you in lovemaking, when meeting someone over a coffee or dinner, when doing your work, when making food, when dishing, when you are stressed, when going to the gym…etc and etc. How much do listen to others? How joyfully creative are in your life? Do you enjoy of doing your work… really? How much can you enjoy of what you see, hear, or feel? How much are you in contact with a deep self-appreciation, appreciation of being you?

The quality of your ALIVENESS, how ‘happy’ you are in other words, HOW NOURISHED you feel in life,
shows often in your various situations mentioned above for example, is about HOW present you are in those moments!

Presence is a great source to be happy in life!

Presence is ‘giving’ us a deep sense of inner FREEDOM into our lives!

…That is how I see it.



👉 In this course you will learn, and have an own personal experience, how pleasure, deep joy, your inner peace and freedom, your inner strength and the depth of gratitude are connected to how deeply connected ‘with’ the presence you are in life!


👉 In this online course you will learn how you can relax more of being You!
With less affection of quilt, judgements, and shame of being You!

And learn how to see, and release those false limiting beliefs and patterns that runs your life! And transform these patterns to patterns that serves your happiness instead!

Starting opening up to see possibilities in life instead of being stuck in obstacles!


👉In this course you will learn how to handle, and overcome fears, emotional pain and other discomfort in you precious life.
Being more of the Fearless One instead of being run by the fears and other discomfort in Life! Starting livng life with greater freedom so to say!


👉 You will learn, and personally experience, how much more connection, love, relaxation and meaning you can feel in your relationships through greater presence in your life!


👉In this course you will learn, and personally experience, through establishing greater body-awareness, how to open your pleasure-body!!

How to FEEL more in your body, how to feel more alive in your intimacy with others, how to feel alive within yourself!


👉 And… how you can arrive come back ‘home’ to that more empowered, free and real version of yourself!
Coming more in touch with your fundamental inner strengths, your own resources within, such as stability, strength, freedom, peace, joy, courage, love and creativity!

HOW WOULD IT BE FOR YOU to live more through these qualities in your life do you think !?


– Feel more alive in your daily life!
– Become the Powerful Creator of your own well-being
– Have deeper sensitivity in your body for greater pleasure, and self-connection.
– Stepping into for being more of that relaxed joyful being in your life.
– Have greater capability to handle and overcome fears in life, pain and other discomfort in your life.
– Get deepened connection in your inner knowing, your wisdom, your truth, to your inner compass in life here in life.
-Feeling more empowered as you!
-Less stress, and more JOY and INNER PEACE in your life.


– Various powerful and embodied Relaxing into being-practises like various ‘meditations’, powerful self-inquiries to do daily, self-journaling, Inquiries in group, powerful Wake Up-morningpractices (optional), shared articles in Fb-group, Mindfulness-practices etc and etc.
– Powerful teachings will be shared about fears and general obstacles in life, about the inner critic, about human conditioned aliveness-constricted strategies, about mindfullness way of living your life, and how to create a life of deep inner fulfillment!
– Powerful personal harvesting of everyday learnings.
– Every participant will get 1-1 powerful individual coaching session with a coach, to embodied the one of the most powerful tools that will be shared in the course!


This course is presented online at Zoom meetings online-program starting 9th of September at 18.30 Swedish time.

Teachings and sharings will be in simple English.

In 28 days we meet every Monday evening, weekly, online for teachings and practises.
Between the weekly ‘lessions’, various practises and teachings are shared. Support, encouragement and guidance will be available through a Facebook-group between all the participants and from me as a coach. I myself will be doing part of this course:)

1 individual coaching session will be given to all the participants in the first week, for sharing one of the most powerful self-empowering Tool that has crossed my path at least!


Price for the course is 1200kr.

💯 There is a 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE if you feel unsatisfied of the course!


For questions or booking a spot (LIMITED SPOTS!) you are warmly welcome to email me at edercoaching@gmail.com, or inbox me here at Fb.


“A new empowered and sustainable way of living your precious Life will start definitely from the day 1 in this course! “



“Let s join Life together!
Let’s start to create a Life that really matters to us!”