Here you can read about the 5 foundations on which I base my coaching today,
which contribute my clients to create a powerful living experience.

In all areas of life and every day.

If there are any questions about my coaching, you are warmly welcome to email your questions.

Powerful Breathwork


Here you learn to navigate negative more effectively & to focus on the ‘good’ stuff.

Here you will learn to navigate negative thoughts more effectively by understanding how they pull on the strings of emotions and behaviors, destructive as well as the empowering ones.
You will learn how to direct your thoughts to what suits ‘you’ best as opposed to being automatically driven by limiting core beliefs, to experience triggering positive, optimistic and solution oriented thoughts that bring you closer to realizing your dreams and goals. And to allow the mind to cultivate new supportive & engaging thoughts that lead to positive behavioral changes & finding solutions that takes you forward.

Stenar på hög omgjord


Here you awaken & deepen the connection to your feelings & needs & strengthen your senses.

We go from the head down to the body; deepening the connection to yourself, to your feelings and to your important needs & values. You will get concrete tools to strengthen your senses from where you experience a richer everyday living; feeling totally alive & deep satisfaction. When you are sensitive to your feelings & needs you come to more clarity about what is important to you, which results in you opening up for more ease, strength, flow & deep self-love.
You will learn effectively to respond & overcome difficult emotions & more successfully handle challenging situations. We also process & heal your traumas.

Jumping boy


Here you learn to identify & to embody your inherent strengths and talents.

You will undergo a series of exercises specifically designed to help you discover your dormant strengths and talents and then fully engage with them in your everyday living.
You will be supported to get in touch with your Superpowers, your immense inner resources, your strengths and gifts, where by you more courageously, focused and joyfully create a fulfilling everyday living and manifest the successes, your dreams & desires, as you imagine and desire it.

success oövervinnerlig


Learn the secret art of turning dreams into reality.

Learn the secret art of turning dreams & goals into reality by understanding the mechanics of manifestation. 

You will learn powerful manifestation tools from various well-proven methods to actively create the changes & successes you want to experience in your everyday life. I will help you to identify the obstacles hindering your path and more importantly empower you to overcome them with confidence.  With clarity of vision and joy in your heart you will systematically experience ‘that which the mind perceives, the eye sees.

Vara lycklig

Embodying the resourceful, confident & most alive version

Here you feel deeply at home. You feel strong, stabile, free, fearless, loving, harmonious and deeply satisfied with yourself & with the present circumstances. Here you experience self-acceptance, deep self-love, genuine care for others  and a passionate enthusiasm for life. Here you are connected to your immense resources from where you feel at ease and deeply confident. At Home, there are no insurmountable issues, you are out of the influence of fears, addictions, self-criticism, shame, other people’s reactions, etc. You have the magnificent capacity to recognize things as they truly are & work towards changing the things you can & mindfully accepting the ones you cannot.
As you arrive at Home, your creativity will heighten, from where you create
a wonderful life for yourself & for others, and comes alive in the most beautiful of ways.

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