“Are You ready to find your inner motivation, genuine willingness, passion
and curiosity to create a life that you love to live?

Zen Coaching

 As your Coach I support you to find your passion for life and what makes your life meaningful by rediscovering your best self – the most resourceful and alive version. I guide you in reconnecting with your inner fundamental strengths, abilities and gifts such as strength, joy, truth, courage, creativity, peace – and for you to start to live from there. 

When we lose our presence and the connection with our most inner center we easily get caught in worries, stress and fear for the future or ruminating about the past. We then also lose the connection with ourselves and our deeper inner potential such as power, strength, creativity, clarity, joy and inner peace.

Through increased self awareness and presence you can develop new life-enriching, meaningful and sustainable ways to relate to yourself, others and life. Living a life that feels way more alive and meaningful.


“Through coaching we get an opportunity to create that life that really matters to us.

Maybe that is the best possible investment we can do in our lives”

Coaching Offer May 2020!

1h “Discovery-Session” for only 45 Eur. (You save 55 eur)

A  “Discovery-Session” is a trial session for you to get your own experience of the profound potential Zen Coaching has to offer you and the change it can contribute to your life.

You are warmly welcome to contact me!

What Zen Coaching gives you

  • Connection with your inner resources, talents and strengths such as power, courage, clarity, joy and inner peace
  • Finding a passion for life
  • Loving and valuing yourself
  • The ability to handle challenging emotions and situations
  • Freedom from stress, depression and anxiety

  • Balance in your work and free time
  • More presence, which leads to more pleasure and joy
  • Nurturing and meaningful relationships
  • Getting your power, freedom and confidence back as you overcome fears
  • Nurturing and meaningful relationships

  • Learning to deal with challenging feelings and life circumstances
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Stress and exhaustion
  • Fears
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues
  • Increased presence for a richer everyday life
  • Dealing with health issues
  • Greater connection to your emotions
  • Finding sustainable balance between your work and private life
  • To clarify what you want in life and how to get there
  • Clarify and creating an actionplan to achieve important goals, visions and heart desires

What is Zen Coaching?

Zen Coaching is an approach to live more consciously, more in ease and trust, it offers us simple and yet powerful insights and tools to support ourselves and others in discovering our true nature, our full potential.

It enhances a feeling of adventure, astonishment and passion for life – together with a humble curiosity towards our problems and challenges. 

We have all been taught to avoid pain, discomfort and vulnerability at all cost but Zen Coaching helps us to discover the resources and potential that lies behind these unwelcomed states. By instead meeting our pain and difficulties we can transform depression, shame, fear, loneliness, worthlessness and other challenging emotions. The result of this is a deeper connection with our inner peace, joy and strength which generates a deeper, more authentic and loving relationship to ourselves and others.

Zen Coaching supports us to fully express our individuality and offers sustainable transformation in all areas of life. In our relationships, career, in our self growth, health, intimacy etc.

Zen means easily translated meditation, presence, consciousness, awareness

Coaching means to support ourselves and others through deep empathic listening and powerful questions from the perspective that naturally we are all resourceful, free, powerful and complete.

How does s session work?

I always start with a meeting, a so-called “Discovery Session”, where you can get your own experience of my Zen Coaching sessions.After that we initiate our collaboration with creating a general picture of your current life situation and clarify what it is you would like to achieve as a guidance for our process together. During the sessions I create space for you to explore something important that you long for, it can be a specific challenge or something that unfolds in the moment. 

My support as a coach consists of empathic and deep listening, powerful open questions, reflections around what I observe, inspiring and developing challenges.

We complete each session with putting up a clear and direct action-plan from the insights you gained during the session, for example a new habit, that you get the chance to practice and establish more in your life until the upcoming session. I follow up daily with support and encouragement throughout the whole process.

You are welcome to contact me by e-mail or phone for further questions.


“I usually say that to me comes healthy people with normal life crises.
Throughout the years, I have learned not only to see life crises as something painful,
but also as an opportunity for
personal development and growing.”
Andreas Eder