Welcome to Eder Coaching

“You are welcome to explore your inner self in order to discover your best self – your own inner resources, your strengths and gifts, and manifest the life that you truly want to live”

My intention is to guide and support you to find your passion for life and what makes your life meaningful through discovering your best self – the most resourceful and alive version. I guide you to reconnect to your own fundamental strengths, abilities and gifts such as power, joy, truth, creativity and inner peace – and to start living from there. 

I give you simple but powerful tools and insights to meet and transform challenging emotions into deep inner peace and trust. Support you to let go of shame, fear and other obstacles that hold you back from sharing your gifts and live your purpose and access your full potential. I see crises and problems as opportunities for personal development, deeper insights and connection with ourselves which makes us more capable in making conscious and supportive life choices. 

I offer individual coaching sessions, relationship-coaching, business-coaching, courses and events within personal development, meditation and communication.

I offer individual coaching sessions, relationship coaching, business coaching, courses and events within personal development, meditation and communication

“Are You ready to live your life in greater joy and meaning?

“So many conditions of happiness are available; more than enough for You to be happy right now.
You dont’t have to run into the future in order to get more”

                      Thich nhat hanh

Zen Coaching

There may be many different reasons to start taking coaching sessions.
Zen Coaching supports you to discover the best of yourself, connect to your gifts and inner resources such as strength, joy, truth, peace – and live it. It is an approach of living more consciously and creatively, where you with simple and yet profound tools can support yourself and others in living the life you always longed for. Zen Coaching strengthens a sense of adventure, wonder and passion for life – together with a curiosity towards your problems and challenges.

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Courses and Workshops

I offer courses, workshops and education within personal empowerment, communication, meditation and conscious relating for individuals and custom-made solutions for companies. Through lectures and simple but profound exercises you will be able to integrate your experience and understanding, and hopely through your own personal explorations and discoveries you can live your life in greater freedom and true aliveness.

About Me

My name is Andreas Eder. My curiosity, life-force, creativity and love of adventure have brought me through life and to a longing to give back based on my personal journey. My intention as a coach is to support, encourage and strengthen you to create the life you want to live.

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What people say

– Christian G –

“The workshop with Andreas was truly a powerful experience of deep diving in itself where both heavy emotions and wonderful expansive experiences could be explored side by side. I felt…

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that Andreas was attentive to our needs during the workshop but at the same time guided us in a direction that felt thoughtful and meaningful.”

– Lovisa S –

“I find Andreas coaching very supportive, he gives me space to feel, think and just be at the same time as he challenges me to go beyond my own limitations.”

– Sofia J –

“Zen coaching is a fantastic tool and Andreas is very capable. Just as grateful every time!”

– Anna R –

“Andreas creates a safe space to let things emerge. His coaching ability makes me dare to stay in my body and feel everything that is going on, allow it to be there and explore it…

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What I really appreciate about Andreas is the follow-ups that happened between the sessions where he was there and supported the process in my exploration and learning. I warmly recommend Andreas as a coach to you who long for a deeper contact and understanding in yourself!”

– Lisa L –

”My experience with zen coaching is empowering and profound. With total trust in Andreas, he guided me safely and intuitively without judgment into a space in myself that I…

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have tried to reach for a long time through other forms of practice. To be able to connect to what is true within brings a whole different level of awareness and presence to life that I feel fully resonate with my essence of being. I highly recommend zen coaching with Andreas to anyone, where ever in life you might be.”

– Mattias J –

“Andreas is present, listening and challenging coach.”