I offer Zen Coaching

Zen Coaching to a Life of Joy, Presence and Meaning


Explore your inner self to discover your own inner resources and gifts, your full potential to create the life you want to live – manifest important goals, dreams and visions – let go of fears, shame, limiting patterns, habits and other obstacles that stop you from live your life to the fullest today – dare to be true, free and alive by strengthening your self-esteem – start living your life in your inner freedom – enrich your life by cultivating presence and balance in your life – creating authentic, enriching and meaningful relationships.


“Do you want to free yourself from what stops you from living your life fully?”


Zen Coaching I offer is a type of conversational therapy, with deeply respectful listening, powerful questions, reflections and inspiring challenges – focusing on learning how to face reality, whatever it is, and overcoming the obstacles in your life.
The coaching supports you to get in touch with and understand yourself better, develop new life-affirming and sustainable ways of relating to yourself, to others, and to life.
Discover your own abilities and gifts – your fullest potential.

The coaching helps you to make visible what is most important to you, and to let go of the limitations, thought patterns and other blocks that hinder you
from living the life you want to live today.


“Are you ready for a change in your life?”

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