Zen Coaching

The 8th of March 2020. Introduction to Zen Coaching at Haga in Gothenburg. Free webinar.



Zen Coaching with its genuine approach to life can make a powerful contribution to how you can live your life more in your freedom, stability, power and true joy of life. How you can face reality as it is, with whatever comes up at the moment and overcome the obstacles, challenges, along the way. It supports you to get in touch with and understand yourself better, develop new life-enriching and sustainable ways to relate to yourself, to others, and to life itself.
Discovering your own resources, abilities and gifts – your full potential. Highlight the aliveness-limiting patterns and thought patterns that stop you from living your to the fullest today. Living your life more in deep inner fulfillment.

I Andreas Eder, the founder of Eder Coaching, will give a short lecture on Zen Coaching, provide powerful inquiries and do other simple exercises.

Come and get your own experience of what it is I offer in my coaching sessions,
and then I get a nice opportunity to meet you too.

Warm welcome!



At Göteborgs Holistiska Center Holi, Pilgatan 2A, Haga in Gothenburg. On Sunday the 8th March at 14.00 – 17.00.